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    Are you a graphic designer, photographer, or artist?  Do you have a community of people that follow what you do?  Do you have a positive message you would like to have combined with your artwork or idea?  We would love to collaborate with you to make that happen.  Send us your “inspired” design idea(s).  As long as it meets our criteria (see below) then we will produce the product and add the item to the Inspired Warehouse for you to market.





    We have a genuine love of the arts, and we want to help you become successful!  We will be happy to put your full bio on the product page, with your photo, and a link to your own website.  We also want to feature you in our news, emails, and social media!

    Beyond increased recognition for your talents, and increased traffic to your site, we will also sign you up for our Affiliate Program for 20% of sales (as opposed to our standard 12%).  This means you will not only make the 20% on the sales of your featured “inspired design”, but will also make 20% on all sales from The Inspired Warehouse that come generated through your personal affiliate link!


    Criteria for submissions:
    Must be 100% your own work
    Must be an “Inspiring” quote, design, saying, or drawing

    Email your "Inspired Design" and a little bit about yourself: