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    I started doing video my freshman year of high school.  We were shooting on VHS tape recorders and editing between two VCRs.  A lot has changed since then.  The TV show Jackass just came out so my friends and I would try to emulate their stunts and making funny little videos.  I took it upon myself to make our highlight films for our football and basketball teams.  My senior year of football proved to be an unbelievable year and I basically made a future film highlight video for the team.  

    I sold the video on VHS for $15 bucks a pop and sold over 100 copies.  Looking back on it now, thats probably when the light went on that I cold make decent money doing what I loved.



    I continued doing videos and learned a ton thru college.  Once I got my diploma from THE Chico State, I moved back to the Santa Ynez Valley and started my production company.

    I've certainly evolved over the years in talent, gear, and how to run a business.

    When I first started the business I did everything.  Weddings, company videos, highlight videos, horse stuff... pretty much anything, figuring it out along the way.

    Now I focus on higher end company videos as well as music concerts.  I've partnered with the Tales From the Tavern concert series to run the production team.  We have a 4 camera set up to film the troubadours that come thru at the Maverick Saloon in Santa Ynez. 


    Part of my big picture is to create my own documentary and to move into feature films.  I'm in the infancy of a documentary revolving around travel.  Stay tuned for updates.

    I'm fortunate to now pick and choose the video production projects I take on.  If your interested in doing a project together feel free to contact me at ian@inspiredemotion.com.